Post-Judgment Divorce Issues

Have your circumstances changed? 


Even though your divorce is over, life continues to happen. Most people think of Matrimonial law as primarily divorce. In fact, over 80% of matrimonial litigation involves post-divorce disputes. It may seem odd, but a divorce happens in approximately one year–although some, sadly, may take longer. And the parties have to live with the terms of the divorce over the life of the family.

Many families have circumstances which change over time. One party may get a better job, or one may lose their job or have a salary reduction. College issues are often a problem, as are changes in a child’s educational, developmental, or emotional needs. One parent may relocate for work or personal reasons, which can effect parenting time arrangements.

We specialize in post-judgment divorce issues. Post-judgment problems include, but are not limited to, changes in parenting time, spousal support and child support. But there are many more issues that may have to be addressed as the years go by.

We are often able to solve these issues without having to engage in post-judgment litigation. When we can’t it is usually because the former spouse is unreasonable for one of many reasons. When that becomes clear the role of litigation becomes crucial. If we can’t resolve the issues, we use the court to compel the protections and resolutions that our clients need. And we are very successful.

One client described us as empowered social workers. When cooperation will work we are very successful. However, when cooperation fails we litigate to ensure that the power of the Court is used to protect our clients.